Feb, 15

Geometric t shirts now being launched onto the site


Geometric t shirts are now being launched onto the site. We have always had a small range of geometric t-shirts on the site- but we have noticed they are now bigger than ever and are becoming more and more popular. We are right on this trend and we want to give you the newest designs first!

We spend so much time here at INCT researching and going to fashion shows trend spotting. We have discovered that geometric t shirts are going to be massive. We also take a lot of influence from Tumblr. We know that’s where a lot of our customers go and are highly influenced from! Beards and tattoos are also massive- I don’t think anyone needs to do research to know that haha! They are most definitely on the incline so here at INCT we think that by looking at tattoo designs is very important.

Some of the best tattoo’s are mainly black, however we think by adding colour to geometric designs would be fantastic for t shirts. We feel like in our geometric collection there are geometric t shirts for everyone. From all over t shirts to small logo designs and large designs in the middle of the t shirt. Our printing quality is great and we think on detailed designs the prints look even better! We have taken all of this into consideration whilst designing and these are our outcomes:




Rainbow Geometric All Over T Shirt

Rainbow Geometric All Over T Shirt

Geometric Pattern All Over T Shirt

Geometric Pattern All Over T Shirt

 We hope you find a geometric tee that you love,

UN-till next time



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