Mar, 15

Everyone just loves skulls!

Here at INCT a lot of our designs involve skulls, we are not sure why we are drawn to these so have decided to do some research into the different meanings of ‘the skull’ and we thought it would be a good idea to share it with you!

Candy, Skull, Logo, Left, Chest, Mexican,

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Mar, 15

We are open, get your self to Highcross Leicester.

INCT is now open in:

Highcross Shopping Center

Upper Mall

5 Shires Lane, Leicester LE1 4AN

Shop, Front, Highcross, Light , T Shirt, INCT,

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Mar, 15

Highcross were coming for you! One week today and our shop will be open!

One week today until our grand opening in Highcross!

Get ready Leicester were coming for you!

Final preparations are going ahead in the office, we will be moving in next week and if all goes to plan the shop will open on Thursday 12th March 2015.

Highcross Shopping Center, Leicester, UK.

Shop Front, Highcross, Leicester, Store, Fashion, Shopping, Hipster, Clothing,

Shop Front

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Mar, 15

Summer t shirt vibes

The weather is still very cold, but most of us have booked our summer holidays and now were looking for some summer t shirts to fill up our case!

It’s less than a month now until the clocks change (In the UK the clocks go forward for one hour at 1am on Sunday 29th┬áMarch 2015)

This can only mean one thing! The evenings get longer and the weather gets hotter! Most definitely the best time of the year!

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